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Vekiel Medical


Vekiel Medical provides health care services, with specialization in the distribution of pharmaceutical and medical supplies, equipment and devices, including surgical products.

The company specializes in sales and supply to the Federal Government, State, Public, and Private Hospitals; as well as to the general public and operates globally.

In addition, Vekiel offers electronic data management, an integral components to running a successful health care service.


Vekiel Logistics


Vekiel Logistics recognizes that in today’s healthcare environment, you need a partner that has the scale to get products to your facility in a timely fashion. As a leader in medical supplies distributions, Vekiel delivers medical supplies to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical research facilities, disaster relief areas, and combat areas, around the world.


Vekiel Global


Vekiel Global is dedicated to serving healthcare institutions, research facilities, laboratories, hospitals, schools, and higher institutions; as well as the general public, a broad range of Medical supplies, devices; training of technicians and equipment maintenance, around the world The organization is committed to improving the quality of health throughout the world by focusing on the timely delivery of superior medical supplies and equipment.